BattleField 3 – Seizure Edition

This is my opinion and not that of GI, its sponsors or its staff. (Shut up Jim!)
First of all let me say that when the game is working well it’s a great game. I like the Battlefield series over the COD’s because of the tactical nature, the awesome vehicles, and my ability to stay alive for more than 2 minutes (even if one of those minutes is spent dashing across a massive battlefield).

battlefield 3
Hey EA/DICE, your lobby sucks! I don’t have any of the expansions for this game so anytime I try selecting a lobby I’m unable to join because “this server is currently running content that you don’t own”, only that’s a flat out lie! Border Brother and BooBoo, two major supporters of GI rent a personal server and they’ve reverted their server settings to only us the default maps in its rotation and I still can’t accept their invites. I don’t know if this is a problem with the code or if this is EA saying ” Hey looser, you thought this game was only $60 bucks? Wrong its $85 plus tax and don’t &*%@ing think about trading it in cause its worthless once you’ve used the online pass code that came with it”!
Lets get to the real grips though! And before I start I do have a high-speed internet connection and when I was playing this weekend no one else in the house besides me was using it. Three steps pause, three steps pause and then I get my dog-tags snatched by the invisible man! Apparently I’m running in place while everyone is zipping around the freaking map like sparkly vampires. And when I’m not lagging I’ve seen enemies just standing around shaking like their having a seizure, I can only assume that’s what I look like when I’m lagging and yes I’ve killed them all. Sorta like putting a rabid dog out of its misery!
Oh yeah I can’t get over the tank lag, I think I have seriously blown myself up in tanks more times than Splosion Man. It’s like the tanks cannon has a rubber band on it. Try aiming left right up or down and it snaps back dead center, so if what ever you’re targeting isn’t directly in front of you you’re pretty much driving a huge metal casket! Once when I was lagging in a tank, a guy ran me down on foot placed C4 on my tank took cover and blew me up. all the while I was driving in circles trying to get him directly in front of me so I could score the kill. If this situation wasn’t so funny I would have probably rage quit at that moment.
My advise for laggy games is to completely exit out of the game then start it up again. If that doesn’t keep repeating until you get a decent connection. And EA, you ought to be ashamed of yourself, this game is over 6 months old, you’re selling DLC and your servers are on crack!

The Wii U Isn’t A Competitor for PS4 and Xbox

Now before I begin, please note to the first word of the title is opinion. Everything in this article can be a hit and/or miss.So the Wii U, whether you like it or not. Is a next generation console. But not in the selling sense. Only in the literal sense. The Wii U is Nintendo’s next generation of console, the PS4 is the next generation of Sony’s console, and so on and so forth. But essentially what we should take from these new generations of consoles is if these are impressive upgrades from their previous predecessors. The PS4 and Xbox One show amazing graphic fidelity compared to their predecessors and if they were sold 8 years ago, they’d cost probably double the price they’re worth now.


The Wii U however, just like the Wii has been made to reach the niche and nostalgic crowd. The Wii U while yes, capable of the new generation standard of 60 frames and 1080p resolution, the graphics, however are nothing more of something that two Cell powered PS3 consoles put together could play. To be fair, however the Wii U would be easier to code and design for than a PS3, especially if there were two Cell’s in one PS3. Fact is, the Wii U is far behind on the graphics front, and will be proven hard to impress most gamers (primarily console gamers) who strive for powerful and beautiful games.The games. Now the Wii U has games, but the issue with these games is that a good amount of them are long being sucked dry. Nintendo has hit that perfect spot in every single gamer who has played one (or all) of their biggest franchises (Mario, Zelda, Kirby, Pokemon, etc.). It wasn’t until 2013-2014 that the nostalgia window pane started to crack. Left and right gamers are craving something new and unique. New IPs are roaming everywhere, indies to new development teams are sprouting out of the ground.

The gaming world is screaming for something new and beautiful. While Nintendo is still static on the same IPs they’ve had since their first console and handheld. We’re at that age where Call of Duty could finally be getting off it’s throne. People are tired of things that don’t progress or don’t impress. However, Nintendo has made some bold turns with new IPs. Monolith X, Wonderful 101, Bayonetta 2, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, etc. The company is still clinging to the same old IPs to save their console that is already being beaten in a matter of months, when it has had a year’s head start.The Wii U could have been a better console if Nintendo would just reach further into their fans, learn how to strategize, and quite simply pay attention. Nintendo doesn’t need to fail, but it’s either wake up or stay asleep and just let your absence be the demise of your heroic tale of how you entered the gaming industry.

wiiThe Gamers want more, we don’t want dude bro shooters everywhere (common defense of hardcore Nintendo fans). Just give us something new and truly unique, something we don’t know. Give us a platform that can compete with the others to have an even more truly beautiful experience than ever before. The Wii U isn’t holding up to much other than being a nostalgia console, which is good if you’re in that niche market, but if you are, you most likely already own a PC and are emulating all of the nostalgia you want. But Gamers want new experiences.Again, all opinion. Not really trying to pull numbers out my butt, nor really trying to dig in too much. Just the thought I felt like sharing. What do you guys think? Do you have an opinion similar to mine? Maybe it’s the opposite. Let me know in the comments.The views and opinions expressed on this Article are solely those of the original authors and other contributors. These views and opinions do not necessarily represent those of the staff, Volunteers /or any/all contributors to this site.


Playstation vita overview

From a technical standpoint the Playstation Vita is an impressive little handheld and triumphs over the Nintendo 3DS in terms of raw horsepower but if you look beyond the impressive specifications, the overall functionality of the system whether it be the the new OS (Operating System) or the ultra smooth Playstation Button response time offers some incredible user experiances which can help in both gaming environments and multimedia experiences as even the PS3 struggled to multitask even when playing music only so seeing a small gaming handheld out perform a PS3 at a malfunctioning standpoint running the same game as well, is amazing.Specs: The handheld includes a multi-touch capacitive touchscreen, and supports Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional 3G. Internally, the Vita features a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore processor and a quad-core SGX543MP graphics processing unit, 512 MB RAM, 128 MB VRAM. The VITA’s Storage capacity for it’s memory cards range from (4, 8, 16, 32 or 64 GB)Controls – The controls feel very comfortable and this one of the major things that was lacking on the original Playstation Portable for me, The new analogue sticks feel responsive and natural and the over grip of the handheld is impressive, even without the add on protective case.

The front and rear touch pads are very accurate and i was amazed when i killed a helghast soldier for the first time in Killzone: Mercenary and when i used the rear touch ppsvitaad to zoom in with a sniper rifle.Display – The 5″ OLED screen is so crystal clear and i mean it, i don’t even want to touch it because i feel like i’m going to ruin this beautiful thing but that’s just me being cautious. The colours are approximately 17 million which show very nice and are vibrant. The resolution is 960 × 544 qHD @ 220 ppi.Software – The new Operating System is AMAZINGLY smooth, slick and fresh. I don’t get board with it and you can do more than just go left and right with this, you can literraly customize almost anything about the interface in terms of backgrounds, icons and now you can seemingly create folders and name them individually. Users can create multiple pages which you can scroll up and down and even set specific wallpapers/themes for each page and move icons from page to page and all this couldn’t be done on the PS3 or the PSP so this is a definite step up in how users can interact with the User Interface.

However how can we forget the influx of Social Apps? Well you can even send SMS messages and upload to social media applications such as facebook and now more importantly you can skype using the in built microphone and utilize the front and rear camera.Games – Now some people have been saying things like “Vita has no games” and in some ways i can understand that as Sony could do with learning some better marketing strategies in thisWrap-up – So is this system worth buying? Well i would defiantly say so and i even feel that i have underpayed Sony because this system with all the latest updates and a Playstation Plus subscription and a decently sized memory card makes it an unbeatable gaming handheld. The controls and the screen are just right and i feel like i’m still at home comfortably and being immersed by the the game on the big screen. I’ve never felt so comfortable with a gaming handheld before i tried the Vita for the first time back at launch when my friend showed me Uncharted: Golden Abyss.The PS Vita hasn’t exactly gone according to Sony’s plan.

Unveiled in Tokyo at the start of 2011, the PSP’s successor was supposed to be a world-beating handheld console with PS3-level graphics and smartphone sensibilities. But despite strong reviews for the hardware itself, sales never took off, and it never attracted much in the way of high-profile games at first but now with Playstation Plus offerings and a healthy slew of exclusive games being developed by the likes of Ubisoft, Media Molecule and Namco Bandai, the Vita has had alot more attention and software updates to make it must have now system for any playstation fan or person looking for a great gaming handheld experience.


World Chef Hack for Blackberry 8800

The game can be obtained for iOS and Android devices. In the sport, the player must hire the best workers, ensure all orders are filled accurately and take care of the inventory among other jobs. Get the world chef android from the button below and hack for ios.



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The player can also obtain a feature that helps decrease time it will take to accumulate money in the customers and also to bake meals. In addition, the player can use actual money to buy in-game currencies or earn them by finishing actions in the game.

Gems and gold are the two currencies you are able to get with World Chef hack. By performing obligations in the eatery, gold being the standard money, the player can earn it. On the other hand, gems are premium currency as well as the player must purchase them using real cash.


The player can use gold coins hire workers and to purchase items. The purpose of gems will be to speed up different in-game actions like the time it takes customers to consume. In addition, the player can make use of them to buy employees, furniture, and decorations in a lower cost compared to gold.

Always Cook At the beginning of the game, there are only a few dishes to cook. Because the amount of dishes to cook increases, nonetheless, as the game advances, things can get out of hand. Therefore, the player has to be cooking something consistently. As an example, when the game is started by him, he move to the dishes that need more hours after which can cook the rapid dishes such as bread and burgers.

Never Run Out of Fixings Stock entirely on ingredients even should you not want them immediately. You never know when they might be convenient. The values in the market might be high, but constantly check the products accessible and buy some. In addition, if you have excess food, you are able to sell some of it in the market. That helps in making extra money and controlling the inventory space.

Remember as the game progresses, cooking food and serving customers, to update the Storage gives the player things he is able to utilize to upgrade the dish storage and ingredient storage space. As the things come in, upgrade the storage spaces. Because the customers will locate all the dishes that they require, plan your Moves In the first stages of the game, preparing many dishes is a good strategy. Nonetheless, as the game advances, focus on getting ingredients for dishes that are complex because they’ll allow you to be a lot more money. Discount those tips and just utilize the World chef hack on generator that is on-line.

World Chef Hack Decision

Additionally, cooking and operating are abilities that combine imagination and quality. The game is not bad as it supplies the player the capacity to customize the restaurant according to his tastes. The art work is very good as is the narrative line. In case you would like boundless resources, just make use of the World chef hack or see the World chef cheats previously.